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Alexandria Raley

Member, Board of Advisors


Camp Happy

Do Good Drop Ins

Project Leader

Prom 2022 Lookbook

Prom 2022 Jewelry Collection

A Bit About Alexandria

Alexandria Raley, or Alex is a member of the all-youth Board of Advisors of the We Canserve Movement, Inc. She was appointed in the Spring of 2021. She has been involved in many projects including “Camp Happy,” “Do-Good” Drop-ins, and is now leading a project to collect jewelry and other prom accessories for teens experiencing homelessness and in residential foster care facilities.

Alex is a very active member of her community. She has volunteered at the Keswick Multi-Care Center. She used her problem solving and communication skills to develop appropriate activities and communicate instructions to the seniors. Additionally, she often helped to transport the residents to their social activities and to medical appointments.  

Alex is also an active volunteer for the Baltimore County Special Olympics. As a coach, Alex works with the head coach about daily practices, individual swimmers, and swim team progress, issues, and concerns. She continually analyzes swim techniques and determines swim levels to develop individualized programs. Finally, Alex helps the team prepare for the culmination of the season at the Summer Games. 

Alex enjoys spending time with family and friends. She likes to swim, work out at the gym, travel to the beach, take pictures, and try new recipes in the kitchen, especially baking! Alex has an Instagram account, Raleys_lifestyles, where she influences others with her daily life. In college, Alex is going to pursue Business Marketing.

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