Deetya Chhatwal

4th Grade Student, Homestead Wakefield Elementary School

I care about issues of hunger and poverty. I have visited India many times with my parents and have seen little kids begging. That made me very sad. I want to do something good for the poor people in this country to make their life easier."

Deetya Chhatwal, age 10, who is also affectionately known as “Dia,” is a member of the all-youth board of advisors of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc. She’s a fourth-grade student at Homestead Wakefield Elementary School. She’s also Webelos scout with the Boy Scouts of America and her school’s First Lego League team. She led a We Cancerve project in the summer of 2018, handmaking games for children at Anna’s House, the site of We Cancerve’s Camp Happy I. She’s also project leader for We Cancerve’s first Towel Drive for area children experiencing homelessness.


“I am a Sikh and our basic philosophy of serving God is community service. I volunteer at the local Gurudwara (our place of religion) by serving food to the devotees and by taking care of little kids while the parents are worshipping. I also save money that I collect from chores and for my birthday and donate it to charities either here or in India,” said Dia.


She reminds us that India is a very poor country and the poor people there are much poorer than people who live in the United States of America.  She said there are lots of children who beg on the streets when they should be in school. “The families often have no shoes, and that breaks my heart,” she said.

As a scout, Dia does service projects with her pack like Scouting for Food, park cleanups and organizing donations for homeless families during holidays. She works on service projects with We Cancerve too so that she can help people and children in need. Being a part of this organization, allows me to experience the joy and satisfaction of giving to those who really need our help during the tough times that they are going through.


Dia is an exceptional scholar at her school and has received awards for being ‘Pawesome’.  She’s won awards from Maryland Engineering Challenges 2017 Paper Airplane Challenge and Maryland Engineering Challenges 2018 Safe Racer Challenge with her team. She now represents her school’s First Lego League team. She is also the recipient of Luis Alvarez Supernova Award Medal that she earned as a part of being in the Boy Scouts of America program.  She was one of the first girl scouts in the history of this organization to earn this honor.


Dia enjoys doing a lot of different things. She volunteers at Luna’s house as because she loves animals. She is currently learning horseback riding, swims and performs martial arts regularly. She also enjoys playing cello and loves to do art projects. She and her brother love riding bikes, working in their kitchen garden and just hanging outside together.  She also enjoys cooking and is learning new dishes that she can prepare herself.