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Gurnek Chhatwal

Member, Board of Advisors


Camp Happy

Dental Care Kits

Do Good Drop Ins

Project Leader

Community Gardens @ Anna's House

"Always do the best you can to help others, if we don’t do it, who else will. Don’t wait for others to do something good to those who need our help;  you do the best you can to bring happiness to others."

A Bit About Gurnek

Gurnek Chhatwal, age 10, whose nickname is Nick, is a member of the all-youth board of advisors of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc. He has led or participated in projects to collect and deliver donations to organizations that serve children experiencing homelessness and illness, and in foster care. He has led his school’s initiative in preparing breakfast bags for Thanksgiving and organized a Dental Kits drive in 2019. He is a Bear Scout with Boy Scouts of America. He has won the Luiz Alvarez Supernova Medals, which are awarded to scouts for STEM.  Gurnek also served as project leader for the community garden project at Anna's House. Gurnek was responsible for recruiting and scheduling volunteers.


"I like serving the community because it makes me feel good to help out others. I like to share my blessings with others who may not have them. I first saw poor people when I visited India a few years ago and saw kids begging in the streets. I realized that all kids are not as lucky as I am. I also met families with sick kids here and I felt really bad for those who are dealing with cancer and such illnesses. It is a very hard thing. My family believes in donations and helping out people when possible and I also do community service at my local gurudwara. Each gurudwara serves free food to help the community and everyone is invited to it no matter what their religion or where they belong. With Wecancerve, I can be a true Sikh by combining my service and helping other people. I hope that our efforts put a smile on other peoples faces or makes their life a little bit comfortable. I also participate in service activities with Scouts of America."

Gurnek is an exceptional scholar at his school and has received awards for being ‘Pawesome’. He has won awards from various science challenges at  his school.  He is the recipient of Luis Alvarez Supernova Award Medal that he earned as a part of being in the Scouts of America program.

He enjoys doing a lot of different things such as playing basketball and going to Kinetic Youth Academy.  He swims and likes collecting Pokemon cards. His favorite thing this year is to play on his Nintendo Switch and race cars on Anki Overdrive.  He does martial arts regularly and is learning tunes on his recorder.  He loves riding bikes, working in his kitchen garden and just hanging outside together in the summer. He also enjoys cooking and baking with his mom and doing home improvement things with his dad.

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