Samantha Bowling


6th Grade, Patterson Mill Middle School

“Whenever I learn a new lesson I seem to comprehend a little better how hard it is for some people. I also enjoy community service because seeing people get the proper attention that they deserve makes people feel better about themselves.”

Samantha Bowling, or Sami, age 12, is a 6th grade student at Patterson Mill Middle School. She is a 2018 member of the We Cancerve Movement’s all-youth board of advisors. She has supported We Cancerve’s Eggstra Special Easter Baskets, La Magnifique Boutique, Camp Happy and Goals for Grace. She is project leader of We Cancerve’s first pillow drive.

Sami enjoys giving back to her community because of all it has done for her. She is organizations that can help her do this such as Girl Scouts. She is a first-year Cadette in her troop and has earned a bronze award as well as helped with many take action projects. She is also involved with Bel Air United Methodist Church and have helped them with community services.

The earliest act of community service she remembers doing was at her church, St. James Lutheran, where she helped with The Lutheran Mission Society’s Miricle

Of Christmas program. This program is when a church will pick a family (or families) in need and buy canned food, clothes that will fit the members and buy toys off the wish lists that the families have made. This meant that Sami got to help others in need at a very young age.

“I have always felt empathy towards people but being as young as I was at the time I could not really put myself into the shoes of the families,” she reflects.

As she grows older and learns more about herself and the world around her, she thinks about that first act of service she did and how it helped those families. “I can now know what they would have felt like, how the presents and food that they received would have made them so happy and relieved to know that they could enjoy a Christmas dinner. This makes me want to do more to help and I think that any child in need should receive the help and attention that they deserve/”


As a Girl Scout, she has been recognized by her troop for earning my bronze award in 2017. A bronze award is the highest recognition that a junior Girl Scout can earn. In order to earn your bronze award, one must complete at least 20 hours of community service, make a difference by completing a take your bronze award.

Sami is involved in many sports such as softball, soccer, and basketball. She also participates in her school’s band and musical.