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About Us

MISSION: The We Cancerve Movement, Inc. brings happiness to some of society's most vulnerable youth: children experiencing homelessness, who are hospitalized or in active medical treatment for catastrophic illness and who are in foster care.


VISION: Our vision is to change the way adults think about youth leadership in philanthropic and business communities by influencing a generation of social changemakers determined to provide solutions that bring vulnerable children happiness ... swiftly! 


Managed by an all-youth board of advisors and supported by a board of directors, We Cancerve has reached more than 33,000 children from Ohio to Africa providing more than $26,000 in cash grants and more than $500,000 in in-kind donations to organizations that serve children we serve.  We Cancerve's projects and initiatives are supported by communities rich in service and kindness, and eager to pool resources and skills to make a huge impact on children who need our help most.   We Cancerve is a registered 501c3. Our EIN is 81-3073247. We have also established a fund with the Community Foundation of Harford County. Donations to the We Cancerve fund through our website and/or to CFHC are tax-deductible.

We Cancerve's Camp Happy 2015
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