TransFUNers Kits

"As a former oncology patient, I know how sad and almost creepy it can be to watch yourself get a blood transfusion, or a platelets transfusion or any transfusion. I remember one time I was in the hospital getting a blood transfusion and I wanted to find a way to cover it up because it looked horrible. So, I got permission to use a pillowcase and decorate it. I used glitter, feathers, stickers and markers and I made it look pretty. Then I walked around to show everyone and I was happy. Join me in putting together TransFUNers" kits that have: one new pillowcase, small packs of glitter, small bottles of glue, stickers for boys and girls, markers, pipe cleaners, colorful feathers, google eyes, and felt squares. This is a great project for youth and adults to support while helping a sick child transform their transfusions into TransFUNers."

TransFUNers kits are filled with the craft items listed above and donated to pediatric hospitals. Interested in stuffing TransFUNers kits for us? Contact us today.