Threads of Hope


As its founding project, Threads of Hope holds a special place in the heart of our founder Grace. Too sick and weak to attend school, Grace donated most of her brand-new back-to-school clothes to two little girls who had recently moved into Harford Family House with their family in 2011. That family had lost everything in a fire and after living in a motel then their car, they moved into Harford Family House.  Too sick to deliver the clothes, Grace could not join her mom in making the delivery.  When her mother told Grace how happy the girls were, Grace knew she'd do this work the rest of her life. 


Today, We Cancerve is expanding the reach of Threads of Hope, and invites local boutique owners, retail shop managers and buyers, and others to consider donating a complete new outfit - top, bottom or dress plus new socks - to our Threads of Hope collection.  If you're interested in supporting our initiative, please contact us today.

Threads of Hope 2015
Threads of Hope 2015
Grace Callwood and Alexis Bell 2013
The "Big Give" 2016
Board Members Erin & Grace 2016

To date, the We Cancerve Movement has donated more than 200 new and like-new back-to-school outfits for children. We've been able to clothe these children thanks to the wonderful support of the local community.  On average, each community sponsor spends no more than $30 per outfit.


Interested in helping us? Please consider adding one of our county's homeless children to your back-to-school shopping list!  Threads of Hope consists of a COMPLETE outfit (top, bottom or dress and a brand new pair of socks). We prefer brand new clothes but will accept gently-used clothes. For health standards, however, socks must be brand new.  If you're providing gently-used items, please make sure your gift is free of stains, rips, tears or other blemishes. All kids want to look nice; homeless children are no different.  We ask that you place your gift in a gift bag and put the child's name on the gift bag. Please refrain from writing personal notes; even with our best intentions, certain words or phrases could trigger an uncomfortable memory for children who come from distressed backgrounds. Your gift will bring comfort in ways unimaginable!


*Sizes: Routinely, families that  successfully transitioned from temporary housing to permanent housing, after being homeless. This is cause for celebration. As new famlies transition into temporary housing at the various transitional homeless programs and shelters We Cancerve supports, we work with the program staff to obtain the sizes, gender and ages of the children we sponsor for back to school clothing. Thank you for understanding the amount of hard work these shelters pursue to generate lists of children's names, sizes and genders so we can outfit them. Your patience is appreciated.