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Hello Families, School & Other Youth Groups,


We're glad you're here! This organization was created by a first grader and a group of her elementary school friends in 2012 to bring happiness to area sick, foster and homeless children.  The projects We Cancerve has sponsored, from the beginning, are all created by youth for youth. Our focus is on giving kids lasting memories and products they need most so we ask people who share our values for helping to create those lasting memories to donate the products we need. We started this organization with the belief that many of us had unwanted new or gently-used toys, books and clothes that other children would be happy to receive. We learned that not only did homeless, sick and foster children love our new and like-new gifts and how we packaged them, we learned many other children believed in our work and wanted to help.  Because of Covid-19, we had to change to accommodate public health concerns; changing rules of the organizations we serve and the shifting availability of our in-house team changed some of our original program models. We're proud to report that change doesn't scare us; we adapted to make sure we can still serve our friends who are mostly in shelters, hospitals and group homes.  We now only accept brand new books, toys and clothes but we still partner with youth groups and others to bring happiness to children.


This page is designed to help you - today's youth - better understand how you as an individual, a family or a team can get involved and help us to bring happiness to homeless, sick and foster children.


We're serious! We Cancerve is proud to say we insist that young people must be: 

  • involved in authentic decision making,

  • considered as advisors to adults who want to learn what motivates and resonates with youth, and

  • encouraged to connect directly with community leaders to bring projects and services to children we serve


See how we've made a difference in the lives of youth over the last few years! Click here.​

Our projects require heart and hands to pull off. You can be the person, family or group we're looking for! Check out our projects page.

Great Service Learning Projects

Getting Started 

So you've decided to support We Cancerve but you're not sure what to do next. These next few slides are full of tips on how to get started.



TIP #1: Decide how you'd like to help  


You can sign up to help We Cancerve as an individual or as a group.

Happy Kids

Celebrate for a Cause

Wanna celebrate a birthday or any other major life milestone by helping others? Consider one of We Cancerve's projects. Instead of asking your friends for gifts, you can ask for items to support any of our projects: 

All-Year 'Round

Toiletries Kits (Scentsational)

Dental Care Kits 


Halloween Candy (individually-wrapped)

Non-perishable breakfast food items (individually-wrapped)


Easter candy (individually-wrapped)

Simply contact us with details about your interests and we'll help you finalize the plans for an awesome collection for your celebration!

Join our movement

Ashlee Brockwell, Member

Board of Advisors

Ashlee Brockwell 2018 (6).JPG

When you join with us,  you get to 

  • Connect with thought leaders, community organizers and other youth who share your passion;  

  • Fuel your passion and work with trusted tools, knowledge and resources;

  • Join in diverse, multi-dimensional dialogue on current issues impacting youth we serve; 

  • Develop and practice essential skills like  public speaking and networking and

  • Create and design solutions that drive action to make a real impact in your community

Need Service

Check out: 

- Homeless for a night

- Gift to Give

- Eggstra Special Easter Bagskits

- Breakfast Bags Bonanza

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