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In 2013, We Cancerve Movement, Inc. Founder Grace Callwood created Scentsational, a toiletries drive, after learning a sad story from a school nurse. The nurse shared that a family of small children had been coming to school for a few days with unclean clothes and hair, and when the odor in their clothing became offensive to other students, the children were sent to the nurse's office for intervention. That's when the nurse learned the children had no running water at home and had been unable to bath, wash their hair or brush their teeth. Scentsational was created that week. 

We Cancerve rallied friends and supporters to collect hotel-size and travel-size toiletries to package in personal care kits that could be shared with nurses and counselors at area schools, and with staff at local homeless shelters. The kits contain small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, body lotion, deodorant, dental floss, toothpaste and an individually-wrapped toothbrush. 

Feeling clean and presentable can boost a child's self-esteem and confidence, especially for children experiencing homelessness or facing severe financial hardships at home. Social stigma and isolation are already experiences many of them face routinely. Having access to toiletries allows them to feel better about themselves and allows them to engage with other students in school activities such as routine classroom interactions, lunch and playground activities, social events without feeling self-conscious. Also, helping children manage their hygiene can reduce absenteeism from school due to illness or embarrassment. Having the necessary toiletries can help children stay healthy and attend school regularly, giving them a better chance of success in education and future opportunities.


Donating toiletries is not just about providing for physical needs; it's also about showing compassion and empathy. It sends a message that these children are not forgotten and that their well-being matters. We Cancerve is proud of our partners and sponsors who've joined with us on this project. Check out some of the stories of our successes: 

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