Eggstra Special Easter 'Bagskits'

Children who are hospitalized won't experience the joy of waking up in their bedroom, rushing to the family room, kitchen or front porch and finding there an Easter basket filled with treats. Finding a basket full of treats, toys and spring clothes is the experience We Cancerve founder remembers from her childhood; that is, until she almost missed the opportunity because she was hopsitalized really close to Easter.  It was from her experience - at age seven - that she realized that Easter treats can be received just about anywhere including a hospital room. So, she created the Eggstra Special Easter bagskits project to bring happiness to homeless, sick and foster children.  To date, We 

  Cancerve has donated more than 2,500 to children in Maryland and Delaware.

      If you'd like children to learn about the plight of homeless, sick and foster children while having fun helping them, 

        this project is for you and your group!

           Step One

           Contact We Cancerve and let us know you're interested in this project. We Cancerve will provide the bags.

             Please let us know how many bags you'd like to sponsor; that helps us manage donations to ensure all places

               we support receive gifts!

                   Step Two

          On the front of each bag is a coloring page that either your youth can color before gluing it to the bag, or your      group can decide to glue a blank coloring page to the bag. That way, the children who receive the bags can color the    image.  We Cancerve will provide a coloring pages packet; we've carefully selected images that comply with the rules of the places we support.

Step Three

Establish a collection drive to ensure you have enough of the following items to put in each bag: 

  • Plastic eggs filled with at least 2 pieces of candy (at least 3 plastic eggs per bag)

  • Chocolate bunny or duck

  • Individually wrapped candy

  • Spring-themed trinkets like pencil or a squishy ball (be cautious of choke hazards)

  • Small toys like a small container of bubbles (again, please be cautious of choke hazards)

  • Mounds of faux grass

Step Four

Sponsor a stuffing party! Invite your participants and We Cancerve to a great space that allows you set up an assembly line to fill the bags. It's best if you glue blank or colored pages onto the bags before the stuffing party. It's really important that all bags are stuffed with same or similar items of the same quantity. We Cancerve will make every effort to ensure your bags go to the same recipient organization.

Step Five

Place labels on the back of each bag that let's our recipients know that your organization has teamed with We Cancerve on this project.  We Cancerve can provide those labels. We'll work with you on the details.

Step Six

Would you like your youth to help us deliver the bags to the shelters, hospitals and to youth in foster care? Let us know. We'll make every effort to arrange this opportunity.

"I want to make kids smile. I think that foster and homeless kids especially might be used to disapointment. But I want to change that. I think our Eggstra Special Baskets can do that. We Cancerve collects baskets, little Easter toys, plastic eggs and individually-wrapped candy to donate to foster and homeless children. Our goal this year is to donate 100 baskets." -- Grace Callwood, February 2014

"My favorite memories at Easter is being surprised, every time, that I got a toy or candy in a basket. I want other children, especially sick, foster and homeless children, to be happy and surprised the way I was."  -- Grace Callwood, April 11, 2014