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Swift solutions to children in need … because happiness shouldn’t have to wait.

Grace's We Cancerve Movement

The We Cancerve Movement is a nonprofit organization that creates giving opportunities that can be supported by the community to bring happiness to homeless, sick and foster children.  With faith in God as its inspiration, the We Cancerve Movement believes that love is active, strong, urgent, practical and possible.  For us, solutions are swift because happiness shouldn’t have to wait. 

September 20, 2015

Baltimore at the Pimlico Race Course Parking Lot

Show We Cancerve Movement Founder Grace Callwood how much you support the work she and her board do for sick children by joining our team for Sinai's Race For Our Kids 2015.

What's Happyning Now 

September is 

National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month

The Children's Hospital at Sinai will hold its annual race to raise funds to bring top care to children - and families - just days after Grace's 11th birthday.  Let's celebrate Grace's life by helping the hospital that saved hers!  Watch Grace on Sinai's commercial and join our race today!

Click above to register

Upcoming Events

September 10: TransFUNers Kits Packing Party, private location in Abingdon

Join us in stuffing these fun kits that help pediatric patients decorate their IV poles with fun covers we call TransFUNers because they transform transfusions into fun! Interested? Contact us for entry information.


September 11 & 12: Harford Family House Hope in a Handbag Purse Auction, Bel Air Armory 

Bid on We Cancerve's signature handbags for school girls!. Proceeds benefit homeless families living at Harford Family House. 


September 16: TransFUNers and Books & Buddies Delivery to Sinai Hospital 

It's Founder Grace's birthday! What better way to celebrate another year of life than to give something that makes someone else's life a little happier!


September 20: Sinai Hospital's Race for Our Kids at Pimlico Race Course Parking Lot 

It's not too late to join in the fun for a great cause. Pediatric patients are counting on your support! Click the race logo above to register.


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