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2019 Board of Advisors Application 

The majority of the work of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc., is performed by the all-youth board of advisors (and our parents, who help us because most of us are under the age of 18).  Our Board of Advisors bring different perspectives from their own personal backgrounds and experiences. These outlooks help us consider multiple ways - and to find alternatives - to service children whose experiences may be different from ours.  As key decision makers, our Board of Advisors advocate for and stay true to our mission: to bring swift solutions to sick, homeless and foster children because we believe happiness should not have to wait!  Because we take our roles and responsibilities seriously, we need board members who are serious about the work we do and who seriously know how to do it with fun, respect and compassion toward others. Please take a few moments to see what we've accomplished by clicking here.

What You Gain: There's opportunity for every board member to operate in leadership roles as project leads, in programming as event designers and logisticians, and in networking and coalition building by helping us form partnerships with other youth organizations or organizations and companies that support youth-led projects and initiatives.  By joining our Board, you will learn and grow leadership skills such as collaboration and teamwork especially among diverse groups (age, gender, religion, social background, etc.); networking; public speaking for keynote addresses, acceptance speeches and  to give an elevator pitches; and you will learn how to engage with the news media.  Through their hard work and superior service, We Cancerve board members have received awards from local, regional and national organizations. Most of all, by being part of our leadership team, you will be able to help other youth - immediately - in ways they will appreciate and remember for years and years to come.​

Ideal Youth Board Members are: Cooperative, flexible, easy to work with, reliable, dependable, passionate about our work, knowledgeable about our work, loyal, committed, smart, have a teachable spirit, a lifestyle for this type of work, available, show sacrifice, attentive, ready to work hard, responsible, respectful, fair, be inclusive, show equality, give their best in all they do or say, able to lead a project, willing to ask questions, provide feedback and ask for help, and able to attend projects, events and meetings.

Application Period: Jan 6 thru Jan 20 of 2019

Available Seats: 3 seats

Minimum Qualifications: Ages 8 to 18, completion of application.

Residency Requirements: Harford County, Baltimore County or Baltimore City

Time Commitment:

  • Board meetings are quarterly on the first Friday of the month (Mar 1, Jun 7, Sept 6 and Dec 6) from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  • Board members are encouraged to attend We Cancerve Events and commitee meetings

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