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Katherine Williams

Katherine Williams, 16, is a member of the all-youth board of advisors of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc., a nonprofit that brings happiness to children experiencing homelessness, catastrophic illness and food insecurity, who are in foster care group homes and orphanages, and to unaccompanied minors. She will enter her junior year of high school  in Fall 2023.

Hobbies: crafts and other hands-on activities, photography and baking

Fun Facts: Kate has two golden retrievers, two orange cats and one calico cat.

Right up until she began high school, Kate's only service work included a few activities with a former church. During her freshman year of high school, she began to get involved with her school's Service League.  As part of the Jenkins Summer Service Fellowship offered through Garrison Forest School, she had the privilege of helping out around Baltimore at various places including Chase Brexton Health Care, House of Ruth and Paul’s Place.

​"I like community service because it provides opportunities to help people in multiple ways. It is especially fulfilling to serve the community when other areas in life are challenging and out of your control. Community service creates safe spaces and a good way to meet people that you may not interact with on a day to day basis," she said.

Kath is a member of her school’s Service League and said she's excited to take on the role as chair of Communication and Publicity for her school’s Asian Student Alliance for this coming school year. Additionally, she has been named, for a second time,  a University of Maryland School of Medicine Public Health Fellow.

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