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Natalie Deitz

Natlie Deitz, 12, is a member of the all-youth board of advisors of the We Cancerve Movement, Inc., a nonprofit that brings happiness to children experiencing homelessness, catastrophic illness and food insecurity, who are in foster care group homes and orphanages, and to unaccompanied minors. She will enter seventh grade in Fall 2023.

Hobbies:  basketball, crafting, painting and creating/building little objects, hiking, swimming, exploring and literally climbing anything she can.

Fun Facts: When Natalie was just an infant, she learned how to fight! She was born with  CDH or a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which resulted in  number of organs being situated near her heart. With two surgeries before age four, and several months at a feeding clinic to learn to eat, Natalie persevered and is, today, a healthy tween!  Thiis is why she's passionate about helping children who are critically ill.

As a young child, Natalie was involved in Girl Scouts. In Girl Scouts, she supported many different volunteer projects like helping an animal shelter and cleaning up different parks. Because her mom is the PTA President for William S. James Elementary School, she volunteers at the school during all of their events. Through Mountain Christian Church, she's been able to volunteer for multiple projects and help out with the Children’s Ministry.

"I like community service because I get to help people who need it most. It makes me feel good knowing that I helped people that day. I also like community service because I get to make a place better than when I first came," she said.

In her free time, she said she enjoys playing all sorts of different sports but her favorite is basketball. She's been playing since she was in second grade. This fall, she is trying out a new sport and joined a volleyball team. She's also a percussionist in the middle school band, and hopes to be in the percussion assemble.  Additionally, she is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a club her school offers.

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