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Virtual Camp Happy


We Cancerve introduced Virtual Camp Happy starting June 2020 as a way to bring some of our most popular fun and enriching Camp Happy activities to children affiliated with organizations we traditionally service - homeless shelters and group homes - and as well as to any child looking for fun and enriching activities during the summer.  In our inaugural year, we registered more than 80 children through our Virtual Camp Happy 2020!  

Why we're still going virtual


Certain critically-ill children, particularaly those with compromised immune systems, still find they require friends to remain socially distanced to give them a fighting chance of recovery or coping with their illnessses. Virtual Camp Happy is a way to offer a real camp experience to home-bound anda hospital-bound children, in particular. Our program can be enjoyed via our online resources including fun and enriching videos filmed by our Youth Camp Counselors!

Camp Happy's Beginning

Launched: Summer 2015

Camp Happy is a free, onsite summer enrichment day camp created by the We Cancerve Movement, Inc. that includes field trips to local places like dairy farms,  movie theaters, swimming pools and equestrian centers!  Camp Happy special guests come to us and host fun activities like dance, art and crafts, STEM activities, and fitness and health activities.  What sets us apart from other summer camps: (1) our camp is created by youth for youth; (2) our Camp Counselors are between the ages of 12 and 18 and we plan and facilitate our entire summer camp program; (3) our Camp Counselors buddy  up almost always 1-to-1 with our  Happy Campers and (4) our camp doesn't cost parents a single penny!  Our goal is to  provide homeless and foster youth  fun and enriching activities during the summer! 

Welcome to Virtual Camp Happy 


Hello Happy Campers!


We Cancerve's Camp Happy Camp Counselors designed daily schedules allows you to participate in our award-winning free summer enrichment day camp from wherever you are!  


We won awards not because we're experts in instructional design and facilitation. Our camp is not even formally certified! It is, however, kid-approved.


For these reasons, we've worked closely with paid staff at local homeless shelters and a foster care group home for the past five years to more than 100 youth.  Year after year, nonprofits have invited us back because we safely and responsibly make summer break fun for kids who need  extra  reasons to smile!  

While our camp activities are designed with young people in mind, it is the responsibility of the adults who care for them to ensure the environments in which these activities are administered and monitored are safe, and that children are well supervised. The We Cancerve Movement, including its volunteer camp counselors, board of advisors, officers, directors, volunteers and all others involved, shall not assume or have any responsibility or liability for expenses, medical treatment or compensation for any provider negligence or injury that any child, dependent or ward may suffer during or resulting from participation in this program.

To gain access to our free, amazing summer schedules, an adult at least age 18 must consent to the following terms: 

Virtual Camp Happy 2021 Consent Agreement
Please select all age groups of participants

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old and authorized to hereby consent - for yourself, your children, your ward, your dependent, your spouse, heirs, executors and administrators - waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages that may now or may hereafter accrue, arising from or in any way may be connected with participation in this program. You understand the inherent dangers of: science experiments, and summer and outdoor activities including water activities, e.g., including drowning, internal injuries, broken bones, sunburns, heat stroke or exhaustion and upper respiratory illness. You assume for yourself, your child and your ward any and all risks associated with participation in this program and do hereby hold We Cancerve Movement, Inc., its volunteer camp counselors, board of advisors, officers, directors, volunteers and all others involved harmless and not liable for any damages or harm resulting from this camp. You understand participation is completely voluntary.

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